Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Makoko Village - Lagos - Nigeria june 2012

Makoko Village is a fishing village in the Lagos lagoon, and its inhabitants are made up of Nigerians as well as people from neighbouring countries such as Benin. We got hold of a couple of traditional canoes and made our way through the waterways of makoko between the wooden shacks on stilts.
The children shouted "Yarbo", which means white man! they waved and seemed generally interested in what we were doing in the village. Our guide took us to a school to see what was going on, and when we arrived we were mobbed by some excited and inquisitive students.
We only spent a couple of hours in Makoko so unfortunately it is hard to paint a more advanced story of their day to day lives. But i hope these images give some sort of insight into this community who survive as best they can in the face of such poverty, one day i will go back and see if anything at all has changed for them. It was a pleasure to meet the people of Makoko.

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woodie said...

such evocative images - wonderful